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Welcome to my world. This top post is a gallery of my current favorites. As time goes on, I suspect that many of these 24 images will be replaced. But for now, these are the ones. If you would like to purchase a print of any of these images, please contact me. This post is a “sticky” post. Please scroll down for recent posts.

11 Years Ago: Right Place – Right Time

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A friend reminded me of this from our visit with him on Martha’s Vineyard, back in 2007.

We got up early to catch the sunrise over the water and saw this amazing effect. The sun was still below the horizon but was beginning to light up the horizon but something was in line with the sun and threw this shadow into the sky. We speculated as to the cause of it, thinking that maybe the moon was in position. A check of the ephemeris was inconclusive, but suggested the possibility. The other option would be a cloud.

Whatever the reason, it was fascinating and it lasted for less than 10 minutes.

Right place – right time.



•July 29, 2018 • Comments Off on Harrisburg

All the times I have driven up Route 81 through Harrisburg, I have never gotten off of the Interstate too look around. Today I decided to take a ride up there today and check it out. I didn’t get deep into the city, but I explored both sides of the river.

Today I was attracted to the State House and the Susquehanna with its many bridges.


Venus – Moon Conjunction, July 15, 2018

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A lovely pairing of Venus and the Moon July 15, 2018

The Heart of the New England Seafood Industry

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New Bedford, Massachusetts; April 2018

The same trip to Martha’s Vineyard also took me to New Bedford looking for photographs. I found the dock area where hundreds of fishing boats were tied up, often two or three deep to the dock.

Dakota Spirits

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Main Street in Minnewaukan, North Dakota. (September 2015)

Martha’s Vineyard, April 2018

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In April I made a trip north and was fortunate to spend a few days on Martha’s Vineyard, where I spent the first 20 summers of my life. It was great to come back and see places of my youth and this trip I saw a couple of old friends from that time that I hadn’t seen in over 50 years.

I captured a few scenes from around the island. (Click on the image to see them larger.)


Flat Iron Drug, Welch, WV

•May 29, 2018 • Comments Off on Flat Iron Drug, Welch, WV

Whoever named this probably was a photographer …

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