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•October 6, 2017 • 1 Comment

Welcome to my world. This top post is a gallery of my current favorites. As time goes on, I suspect that many of these 24 images will be replaced. But for now, these are the ones. If you would like to purchase a print of any of these images, please contact me. This post is a “sticky” post. Please scroll down for recent posts.


•July 29, 2018 • Comments Off on Harrisburg

All the times I have driven up Route 81 through Harrisburg, I have never gotten off of the Interstate too look around. Today I decided to take a ride up there today and check it out. I didn’t get deep into the city, but I explored both sides of the river.

Today I was attracted to the State House and the Susquehanna with its many bridges.


Venus – Moon Conjunction, July 15, 2018

•July 19, 2018 • Comments Off on Venus – Moon Conjunction, July 15, 2018

A lovely pairing of Venus and the Moon July 15, 2018

The Heart of the New England Seafood Industry

•July 19, 2018 • Comments Off on The Heart of the New England Seafood Industry

New Bedford, Massachusetts; April 2018

The same trip to Martha’s Vineyard also took me to New Bedford looking for photographs. I found the dock area where hundreds of fishing boats were tied up, often two or three deep to the dock.

Dakota Spirits

•June 10, 2018 • Comments Off on Dakota Spirits

Main Street in Minnewaukan, North Dakota. (September 2015)

Martha’s Vineyard, April 2018

•June 6, 2018 • Comments Off on Martha’s Vineyard, April 2018

In April I made a trip north and was fortunate to spend a few days on Martha’s Vineyard, where I spent the first 20 summers of my life. It was great to come back and see places of my youth and this trip I saw a couple of old friends from that time that I hadn’t seen in over 50 years.

I captured a few scenes from around the island. (Click on the image to see them larger.)


Flat Iron Drug, Welch, WV

•May 29, 2018 • Comments Off on Flat Iron Drug, Welch, WV

Whoever named this probably was a photographer …

Willow City, North Dakota

•May 24, 2018 • Comments Off on Willow City, North Dakota

I’m torn between the full version or the panoramic version:

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