New M31 Image

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This is a new image of the M31 galaxy in Andromeda. This is from multiple observations on Telescope.Live using their new “1-Click Observation Bundle”. The image was compiled from 11 separate observations capturing 91 sub-exposures totaling more than 11 hours of exposure time amounting to just over 3 gigabytes of data. The images were filtered through luminance, red, blue, and green filters, which were combined to create the color image.

The “1-Click Bundle” is a new feature on It allows users to process images from multiple observations that have already been done, curated by With that much data, it did present some new challenges in processing. It was all processed and combined in Pixinsight and finished in Photoshop. One of the challenges was dealing with satellite trails in many of the sub-frames but Pixinsight handled them well. By combining this amount of data, noise becomes much less of a problem and I was able to pull more detail out of the image than I was able to over a year ago when I processed a single data set from the same telescope.

Image data was captured using the 10 centimeter Takahashi FSQ-106ED instrument at the IC observatory in Spain. The imaging camera is an FLI PL16083 with a sensor capturing 4096 x 4096 pixels in a field of view of 324 arc-seconds square. The final image was cropped somewhat to fill the roughly 3×4 frame.

~ by Rsmith on November 25, 2021.

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