Canyonlands National Park

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When we got back from this trip, I was asked which of the national parks did I like the best. It’s hard to ignore theĀ  immense majesty of Grand Canyon, but Canyonlands was amazing in it’s vistas and other-worldlyness. It was a demonstration of the power of water erosion at shaping the landscape. It was here that I was prompted to ask “How can this even be on the same planet as West Virginia?”


Utah Sphinx?

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It does not take much imagination to see an ancient beast depicted in this natural formation caused by millennia of wind and water erosion.

All over Arches National Park you can see formations where a little imagination can find a face or mummified creatures.

Arches National Park

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The famous “double arch” in Arches National Park.

Our first stop in Utah in April 2017 was Arches National Park. The “double arch” is one of the best known formations. Flowing water eroded away the softer rock in the middle leaving the arch.

But Arches NP is more than arches. Erosion has created hundreds of unique rock formations.

Here is another formation that my imagination suggests the ruins of an ancient city left behind by an ancient civilization.

Another area suggestive of ancient ruins.

Catching up on Travels – Utah

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The action of water and wind erosion has created fascinating rock formations throughout the southwest. I could imagine that this rock wall rising up out of the desert in Arches National Park could be the ruins of an ancient temple or some other structure.

I am so far behind working up images from my travels. That’s not to say that I travel that much, but I have had a couple of good trips in the past couple of years. Most recently I went on a road trip through several western states but in 2017, Malinda and I took the train to Grand Junction, Colorado and then drove into Utah. We visited seven national parks, the first five of which were the so-called “Mighty Five” in Utah.

Incredibly, on this trip I found the photography difficult in the sense that it being one of the most photographed areas of the world, I was struggling on such a short visit to come up with anything that might have been new or unique.

The landscapes were truly overwhelming. They were so different from anything I had experienced that I didn’t really know what to photograph. So I tried to photograph everything because I saw so much beauty in the starkness of the place and the different natural processes that were displayed; so different from what I’ve experienced in West Virginia or other areas of the East Coast.

After a year and a half, I am starting to take a new look at the images. My concentration is on images that reflect what I saw that fascinated me.





Beloit, Mitchell County, Kansas

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Last month, I took off for my 2018 road trip. From Martinsburg I traveled through West Virginia through Huntington and then through Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas. I stuck to the Interstate until I got to Lawrence, Kansas. After spending the night in Lawrence, I went away from I-70 and followed secondary roads – mostly Rt 24 – through Kansas. Among the small towns I drove through was Beloit, where I was very impressed with the Mitchell County Courthouse.

Mitchell County was established in Kansas in 1871. Construction of the current courthouse started in 1900 and the building was dedicated in November, 1901. The building is constructed of native limestone.

Ultimately, this road trip took me from Kansas through Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota before turning for home.

11 Years Ago: Right Place – Right Time

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A friend reminded me of this from our visit with him on Martha’s Vineyard, back in 2007.

We got up early to catch the sunrise over the water and saw this amazing effect. The sun was still below the horizon but was beginning to light up the horizon but something was in line with the sun and threw this shadow into the sky. We speculated as to the cause of it, thinking that maybe the moon was in position. A check of the ephemeris was inconclusive, but suggested the possibility. The other option would be a cloud.

Whatever the reason, it was fascinating and it lasted for less than 10 minutes.

Right place – right time.



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All the times I have driven up Route 81 through Harrisburg, I have never gotten off of the Interstate too look around. Today I decided to take a ride up there today and check it out. I didn’t get deep into the city, but I explored both sides of the river.

Today I was attracted to the State House and the Susquehanna with its many bridges.


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