Astrophotography Presentation for Jefferson County Photo Club via Zoom

NGC 5128, also designated Centaurus A.

I will be giving a presentation via Zoom for the Jefferson County Photography Club on Tuesday, April 13 at 7:00pm. See below for the link to join the meeting. It’s a free event sponsored by JCPC. You do not have to be a JCPC member.

I will discuss Astrophotography using remotely controlled telescopes. I will talk about Data acquisition, file formats, and the general workflow for combining filtered greyscale images to color. I will demonstrate the basic workflow on images and provide information about the different websites where remote telescope imaging is available.

The Eagle Nebula, including the “Pillars of Creation”

I will be demonstrating Pixinsight, a specialized software for processing scientific images, primarily, but not exclusively, astrophotos.

Here is the Zoom link for those who wish to join the meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 927 688 5983

Passcode: 3NSVzX

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  1. Great!!


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