North American Nebula

Passing nearly directly overhead in November is the North America Nebula, a vast cloud of ionized hydrogen gas and dust near Deneb, the star that represents the tail of Cygnus, the Swan. The reason for the name is that the shape of the cloud resembles the outline of the North American continent.

The nebula is determined to be about 2,200 light years from Earth and covers an area of sky more than the area of ten times at of the full moon.

This image was captured with the Takahashi 106mm refractor in the IC Astronomy Observatory in Spain. The object was exposed through three filters that narrowly passed Hydrogen Alpha, Sulphur 3, and Oxygen 2 emissions. I processed the raw files to approximate the so-called Hubble pallette. The telescope is operated by the web site

~ by Rsmith on November 18, 2020.

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