Milky Way and Jupiter Rising

The view from he second floor deck looking south-southeast. The bright object is Jupiter and just below and to the left is Saturn. Jupiter is approaching opposition so it will be time to get as good a look at it that is possible.

Standing on the deck the Milky way is just about invisible. With the local light pollution, all I can see – even with my glasses on – are a few scattered bright clouds. It’s amazing how much is revealed with a long exposure photograph. I was using the “Live Composite” mode on the Olympus EM-1 MkII, which ws set to capture a series of 10 second exposures and then blending them. 12mm (24mm equivalent on 35mm) f/2 lens set at f/2. ISO 1600.

I believe the total run of exposures was about three minutes. The fact that the stars are not trailed says that the Star Tracker was working.

Here is the original raw file from the camera, which still shows many more stars than I can see with the naked eye. It took a fair amount of computer work to bring out the detail in the Milky Way.

Watch this space.

~ by Rsmith on July 13, 2020.

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