Halltown, WV Chapel

The Halltown Union Colored Sunday School is tucked off Halltown Road off of Rt 340 in Halltown, West Virginia.  it is a quaint chapel that dates to 1901. It is currently existing in what Tillman Crane refers to as a “state of arrested decay.” That means that it could use a significant restoration, but it is being maintained so its condition will not deteriorate further.

The image was captured with my latest infrared converted camera, a Panasonic G3 micro 4/3 digital camera. It’s the fourth IR camera I have used and, like all of the previous cameras, I’m still learning it’s characteristics. Each one has had a slightly different filter and sensor. Also, the post processing tools have changed significantly. Lightroom and Photoshop both have upgraded graphic processing engines and the new Luminar 4 offers a different but effective approach. This image was started in Lightroom with a little bit of perspective correction and cropping, and then finished in Luminar.

~ by Rsmith on February 24, 2020.

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