Arches National Park: Hoodoos

Deciding on a treatment for the images from our 2017 trip to Utah has been difficult. My lack of enthusiasm for getting up before dawn to capture that “Magic Hour” light means that much of my photographing is done during the middle hours of the day – not in the spirit of modern landscape photography.

Consistent with the title of this blog/web site, (“Light, shadow, form, and texture”) which does not mention color, I frequently lean toward finishing images in black and white. This is also related to the fact that long before digital cameras and printers could capture and reproduce great color images, I worked in black and white for any photography pursuits that I might have put in the “serious” category. Even today, I “see” in black and white.

You can see a print of this image at the Ice House Co-op in Berkeley Springs.

~ by Rsmith on March 23, 2019.

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  1. Great image.


  2. A nice image anthology of your adventures Rip. Nicely written too.


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