“Dark Mountain”

“Dark Mountain”

Image captured at 11,592 feet from the Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park in September, 2018.

I’m just beginning to sort through the images for that trip even as I am way behind on the images from Utah in 2017.

I’m not rushing (says “Captain Obvious”) to get these images finished and “out there”, where ever that is. I am going back and forth between color and black and white. At this time I am in a black and white frame of mind. But that is subject to change without notice.

As a photographer who admits that he is not a landscape photographer, I am feeling my way to make sense of the many hundreds of mostly landscape images from those two trips to magical places.

Prints are available of most of the images I post here. There is currently a print of this image on display at the Washington Street Artists’ Co-op in Charles Town WV. Or you can contact me by email at sterlingimageswv@gmail.com.


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