Catching up on Travels – Utah

The action of water and wind erosion has created fascinating rock formations throughout the southwest. I could imagine that this rock wall rising up out of the desert in Arches National Park could be the ruins of an ancient temple or some other structure.

I am so far behind working up images from my travels. That’s not to say that I travel that much, but I have had a couple of good trips in the past couple of years. Most recently I went on a road trip through several western states but in 2017, Malinda and I took the train to Grand Junction, Colorado and then drove into Utah. We visited seven national parks, the first five of which were the so-called “Mighty Five” in Utah.

Incredibly, on this trip I found the photography difficult in the sense that it being one of the most photographed areas of the world, I was struggling on such a short visit to come up with anything that might have been new or unique.

The landscapes were truly overwhelming. They were so different from anything I had experienced that I didn’t really know what to photograph. So I tried to photograph everything because I saw so much beauty in the starkness of the place and the different natural processes that were displayed; so different from what I’ve experienced in West Virginia or other areas of the East Coast.

After a year and a half, I am starting to take a new look at the images. My concentration is on images that reflect what I saw that fascinated me.





~ by Rsmith on October 27, 2018.

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