Rugby Workshop Day 4 – An “Old Friend”

The afternoon of the fourth day I decided I wanted to visit an “old friend” – the old truck on the hill with the abandoned house, the subject of one of my favorite images from 2010.  So I hiked up the hill and found the old abandoned farmhouse and truck pretty much unchanged from five years ago.  Even the sky conditions were much the same.

Here’s the image I captured in May of 2010.

Rolette County

And here’s the 2015 version.

The fifth and last day of the workshop was cut short as I needed to get organized for the next phase of my 2015 road trip.

From Rugby I will be going up into the north-west section of North Dakota and then down to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

After that … ?

We’ll see.

~ by Rsmith on September 16, 2015.

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  1. The pick-up is the same, but the shack has twice the volume in the second picture. Everything grows well in North Dakota.

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