Rugby – Pre-Workshop

I’ve been here in Rugby for just about a week. The workshop with Tillman Crane is winding up and I am getting ready for the next leg of this trip. With being out shooting all day and workshop group activities at night, it is more difficult blogging frequently during the workshop. But here is a start, picking up where I left off last time.

Last Sunday night, before the official start of the workshop, was brilliantly clear. With the opportunity to see the sky without the ever-present light pollution, I went out around 10:30 to see what I could see. I have not seen a sky like this since I was a teen-ager on Martha’s Vineyard.

I went about five miles out of town and set up by the Tunbridge Lutheran Church. First, the Big Dipper to the right of the church.

Next, the Milky Way.

I added a little light with the flashlight feature on my iPhone!

~ by Rsmith on September 11, 2015.

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  1. its amzing brilliant work

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