North Dakota or Bust!

Storm cloud approaching on Route I70 between Columbus and Springfield, Ohio

Two days out and I am in Iowa City, Iowa. Between the afternoon rush hour traffic in Columbus, Ohio and the morning rush in Indianapolis, plus the trucks and the heavy downpours, it is almost enough to make me think about flying next time … almost. But really, once through Indianapolis, the road opened up and the cornfields got bigger and bigger. At that point it became a pleasant “cruise” up I74 through Indiana and Illinois, right to the Mississippi River and across into Iowa.

This is truly the “corn belt.” At times the cornfields started at the edge of the road and went out as far as I could see, with large grain elevators and storage bins visible in the haze on the horizon.

Unfortunately, they are difficult to photograph from a moving car on the interstate But once into Iowa I decided to get off the interstate and take the “scenic route.” What I found was mostly more cornfields. No matter which way you go, the landscape is dotted with farms with nice houses and well maintained barns and other outbuildings.


Cornfield with storage facility in the distance.

Cornfield with storage facility in the distance.

~ by Rsmith on September 1, 2015.

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