While Looking for Meteors …

The previous post showed the sky after I captured about 15 minutes of start trails and a few meteor trails.

While the camera was set up I wanted to try a straight single exposure to capture that area of sky to see what could be seen of the constellations.

This was the same camera setup with a single 20 second exposure at f/2.8. As mentioned before, there is a lot of light pollution so only the brightest stars are visible. I did a little work in Lightroom to increase the contrast. Still, Cassiopeia is visible in the upper left quadrant. Part of Andromeda is also visible, which upon careful examination, yields another interesting object. See if you can see it. You might do better if you click on the image to look at a larger version. It’s hard to see in this image but you can make it out if you know just where to look.


Just to make it easier, here’s a crop from the full image:

There, in the center is the famed Andromeda Galaxy (M31). Amazing what these small digital cameras can do!

~ by Rsmith on August 14, 2015.

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