Dolly Sods in Black and White

Dolly Sods is a wilderness area in the Monongahela National Forest about 10 miles west of Petersburg, West Virginia. The area sits on a plateau up do 4,000 feet above sea level at the top of a mountain ridge on the Allegheny Front. (Wikipedia)

The landscape is a combination of sandstone and quartz boulders an windblown trees and shrubs. The most striking location is Bear Rocks, where the views out to the east are spectacular.

I’ve been there several times to photograph and I am always fascinated by the way the large boulders are strewn about and seem to have been tossed there by some primeval giant. I think these geological subjects particularly lend themselves to black and white images. Here are several images from my last trip to Dolly Sods last October.

If you would like to purchase a print of any of these images, please email me.

~ by Rsmith on July 5, 2015.

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