Dance Works Festival

Back in March I photographed some dance workshops that were part of the Berkeley Arts Council’s Dance Works Festival. Nearly 100 young women and girls participated in workshops that were taught by several master level instructors. I was impressed by the focus and determination of these young people as they worked through the exercises and routines to improve their skills.

Photographing the workshops was great fun and it gave me a chance to stretch my skills in a very different way. Due to my chronic back problems, however, it was quite strenuous so on Saturday night I got an assist from my friend Mary-Jo Bennett, who took over and took some nice shots of the performances.

Overall there were a lot of images so I thought one good way to showcase them would be a short slide show with some music. You can check it out below. (Note: if you want to watch it full screen, click on HD first.)

Dance Works Festival 2014, Berkeley Arts Council, Berkeley County, WV-Short Version from Sterling “Rip” Smith on Vimeo.

~ by Rsmith on July 1, 2014.

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