A Foggy Morning

I have said that I am not a traditional landscape photographer. One of the qualifications to be good at landscapes is to be willing to get out early – often well before dawn – to capture that magic dawn light, often mixed in with mist and fog. I describe this exercise as “getting up in the middle of the night, going out and freezing your butt off waiting for misty dawn light.” At this stage of my life I am not inclined to do that – not that I every really was.

But one morning recently a heavy fog rolled in well after dawn and was kind enough for me to have finished my second cup of coffee and a little breakfast.

"Fence, Tree & Fog"

“Fence, Tree & Fog”

Prints are available for this image. These are custom prints made in my studio using a professional pigment printer. The image size is approximately 6-2/3″ x 10 inches using archival pigment inks on 8.5 x 11 acid-free heavy weight fiber based fine art paper. The price of $25 includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail.

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~ by Rsmith on December 19, 2013.

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  1. Beautiful find and processing. The trees have a lovely shape and B&W was a great choice.

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