Lexington, Kentucky

Malinda and I just returned from a week in Lexington, Kentucky. Malinda was attending a conference about theatre in Education. I went along for the ride mainly for the opportunity for a change of scenery.

Lexington is a very vibrant and modern city, but with a healthy respect for tradition. The first thing I noticed was how they opted to restore old buildings rather than just knock them down and replace them. I love good architecture and that includes big modern structures but I really appreciate when people choose to maintain and restore older structures that have wonderful character and history.

Lexington is not without its share of interesting people. If you ever get to Lexington, look up Greg Capillo of Sprocket Jockeys. I met him while he was hanging out at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. Greg will provide a unique tour of the historic cityscape with his human-powered taxi.

More about my interesting visit to Kentucky in future posts.

~ by Rsmith on August 13, 2012.

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