Long Ride to Hancock

Next trip on the canal I pushed the envelope with the bike and rode the towpath upstream from Frederick State Park all the way to Hancock, just over 12 miles. For the return trip I took the Western Maryland Rail Trail, for a total round trip of just over 24 miles – my record for riding on the canal. I’ll have to admit I was really glad to get back to the car at that point. (I’m sure for those who are real bicycle enthusiasts, this was a piece of cake, but for my old legs it was a challenge.)

Starting at about the mile 12.5 point on the canal, I turned back just past the 24 mile marker. (I’ve been photographing all of the mile markers along the way, just to prove that I was there!) 😉


One of the more photogenic spots was Little Pool, between mile 12 and 121.

At lock 51, there are the ruins of the stone lockhouse, still impressive in their own way.

The window opening in the lockhouse gave me a place to set up the camera for a rare self-portrait.

~ by Rsmith on June 27, 2012.

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