Brunswick to Harpers Ferry

For my next bicycle outing I decided to ride from Brunswick, Maryland up to Harpers Ferry, a distance of just under six miles. I went on an absolutely beautiful day – clear and warm without being too hot and a nice light breeze. The downside was that it was Sunday and there was a great deal of traffic on the towpath in this popular area. Nevertheless, it was an excellent ride of just over 13 miles round trip and I snapped away at the various things I saw along the way.

The first major feature I found was lift lock 31. The lockhouse is well preserved and the lock is in fair shape but has been allowed to fill up with foliage.

A little farther up I saw this turtle sunning himself (herself?) on a floating tree branch. These turtles populate the canal just about anywhere there is significant water in the canal.

You can hear the traffic on Route 340 and the bridge over the Potomac is an imposing structure.

Lock 32 was in pretty bad shape.

Finally, at lock 33 at the railroad and footbridge that crosses the Potomac into Harpers Ferry, the lockhouse sits a the base of the impressive stone cliffs of Maryland Heights.

~ by Rsmith on June 18, 2012.

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