North Dakota Day 5

Today I was rained out.

I got off to a slow start this morning but when I saw the weather I did not worry about it.

After breakfast I took off for Minot, ND to the Lillian and Coleman Taube Museum of Art to view a beautiful photography exhibit. Three prints each from 17 nationally and internationally known photographers. Included are two photographers from whom I had taken workshops, Tillman Crane and Bruce Barnbaum. Also included is Dan Smith, who lives in Rolette, ND and who assisted with the ‘Abandoned Farms’ workshop last spring and who has provided me with some valuable tips for my activities on this trip. The exhibited work is all black and white and includes a number of exotic printing techniques. Whatever the technology, however, all of the images were stunning.

After seeing the exhibit, I decided to kill some time in the hopes that the rain would subside so I could try to get some shooting in on my way back to Rugby. At Dan’s suggestion, I went to the China Star restaurant in Minot where they have an amazing buffet. I stuffed myself well and when I got the bill I almost fell out of my chair. The huge meal cost only a little over $8.00, including tax! What a deal!

After slogging through the rain back to the hotel, I decided that this is a good point to take more detailed look through my images so far to see what I have and develop some thoughts about what I should be doing for the rest of the trip.

In process, I did a quick and dirty workup of a few of the images in Lightroom. Here are a couple of them where I used a 5×12 aspect ratio crop.

Many of the small villages I visited still have small populations that provide services to the local farmers. Here, on Sunday morning, it seemed like almost the whole town had gathered at the local grocery store and cafe.

The old abandoned house still stand guard on a farmers line of grain bins.

~ by Rsmith on September 22, 2010.

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