North Dakota Day 3

I’m doing a quick update for days 3 and 4 tonight.

On Monday I transferred from Langdon to Rugby, with stops along the way to photograph.Unfortunately, by 11:00 a steady drizzle had developed so I only stopped a couple of times.

A cool couple hanging out on the front porch.

This barn was visible from a long way down the road. I couldn't resist, even though it was still raining.

I got to the hotel in Rugby and got settled into the room and caught up on a few phone calls since I had been almost completely out of cellular coverage for most of the weekend. My room is an inside room that opens to the pool (this is not an advantage!) but has no windows. When I went out for an early dinner, the drizzle had gone away and the clouds had broken up into a beautiful sunny afternoon with blue sky and puffy white clouds. Since I was hungry, I caught a quick hamburger and then grabbed my camera and headed out looking for the ultimate North Dakota Sunset.

Shooting directly at the sun was not working, but the lesson here is that if there is a beautiful low warm sunset, point the camera away from the sun.

Just before sunset, the sun peeked through the clouds to illuminate these hay bales.

~ by Rsmith on September 21, 2010.

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