Infrared Photography Treat in Cumberland, MD

For a real visual treat, check out the Infrared – Four Visions exhibit at the C. William Gilchrist Museum Of The Arts in Cumberland Maryland.

For one who has had an interest in digital infrared photography, this was a real eye-opener. One of the first things I think you need to learn about any technique is to understand what is possible. Although I have dabbled in infrared for several years, this exhibit showed me how far I have to go to really master the techniques.

The digital images had astonishing detail and tonal qualities, while the film work took maximum advantage of the ethereal feel that IR film images exhibit. The exhibit also included some stunning hand-colored digital images as well as more traditional silver prints made from infrared film negatives.

About six months ago I had my Nikon D200 converted for infrared (I’ve been using a converted D100 for a couple of years.) I haven’t been out much with the D200 yet, but seeing this exhibit has provided a wealth of inspiration to get me out there.

~ by Rsmith on June 14, 2010.

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