Now For Something Completely Different

We were told that Rialto Beach on the Pacific Ocean coast of the Olympic Peninsula was an interesting place, but nobody really told us why. What we found was an amazing scene of huge logs and other remnants of trees scattered all over the beach, apparently washed ashore.

It was mystifying as to how this large lumber would get here. The explanation was offered by a couple of locals who showed up and were collecting some small pieces for firewood. The source was the rivers that flow into the Pacific. When there are heavy rains and storms, trees fall into the rivers and are carried downstream and into the ocean. Then, when there are storms on coast, they are washed ashore.

Photographed close up, these things take show some fascinating patterns, making for interesting abstracts that could be geologic formations or even the head of a sea creature. Here is a simple slide show of some of the images:

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~ by Rsmith on May 14, 2010.

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