New Print of the Month

I’m a little late with this transition, but I have posted a new “Print of the Month” Image.

While exploring central West Virginia about a year and a half ago, I came upon this gem in the front yard of a house on the road to Thurmond, WV.

Image for the February "Print of the Month". You can click on image to order a print at a special price.

To emphasize the textures of this old classic car, I used HDR with tonemapping plus some additional detail enhancement.

If you would like to purchase print of this image at a special price, you can do it here.

Meanwhile, we’re snowbound after a cumulative snowfall over several days of about 3 feet.

Here was the view out our living room window yesterday.

Now we’re getting ready to start thinking about how we’re going to dig ourselves out. We might think about it for a while!

~ by Rsmith on February 11, 2010.

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