More Cyanotypes

I  had good sunlight the other morning so I exposed a couple more cyanotypes from negatives I generated the day before when it was cloudy.

The first is from an image I captured last March of an old church ruin in Kabletown, WV.

Church Ruin, Kabletown, WV (Scanned Cyanotype)

Church Ruin, Kabletown, WV (Scanned Cyanotype)

The negative was printed on Pictorico OHC transparency film on my Epson 3800 and then exposed to the sunlight for 10 minutes.

Here is what the rig looks like on the bench on the front porch:

Cyanotype Exposure

The second print was a shot of a sculpture/fountain that is at the front of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. The sculpture is sprayed by water and the effect a mix of fantasy and sensuous.

"Splash" (Scanned Cyanotype)

"Splash" (Scanned Cyanotype)

For this the negative was exposed to sunlight for about eight minutes.

I have been thinking about setting up some kind of UV light so I can expose these prints at any time regardless of the weather. But there’s something neat about doing it the old fashioned way.

~ by Rsmith on December 13, 2009.

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