21st Century Hieroglyphics Exhibit Opens September 5

I will be opening the exhibit, “21st Century Hieroglyphics” exhibit at the Contemporary School for the Arts and Gallery in Hagerstown on Saturday, Sepember 5.

The exhibit consists of poster-size prints from images captured in an old quarry in Quincy, Massachusetts. I have made two trips to this place and it continues to be fascinating. The rough granite walls of this quarry are covered with an amazing array of spray-painted color and commentary that ranges from poignant to sinister to celebratory to downright chaotic.

As I walked around the area, I tried to imagine what an archeologist a thousand years from now would think upon the discovery of these strange messages painted on rock walls. Would they know about it that far in the future or would they look at this as evidence of some religious cult or political uprising.

Here are a few more examples from an earlier blog post.

The gallery is located at 4 West Franklin Street in Hagerstown. The opening reception is Saturday, September 5 from 6-9pm.

~ by Rsmith on August 23, 2009.

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