Maine Workshop Days 3 & 4

Wednesday I was dispatched Rockport to photograph a park. It was a pretty ordinary park, but my assignment was to find an extraordinary image anyway. I can’t say that I was particularly successful, but I did a number of shots of the white birch trees that I always find attractive due to their textures.


Then after lunch we were off to the obligatory lighthouse, where I saw first hand the “rocky Maine coast.” It had been heavy overcast all morning but as we arrived the clouds started to break up. With a fresh breeze off the ocean, the temperature became comfortable and it ended up being a delightful outing.



Thursday brought more rain and cloudy weather but we were undaunted. We visited the Olsen House in Cushing, Maine, a favorite with the Workshops. Once the home of Maine Artist Andrew Wyeth, this old farmhouse has been preserved as a museum. The cloudy weather provided wonderful soft light through the windows and doors of the house and everyone found much to photograph. Here are just a small sampling of the images I found.




I’ll be working up many more from the Olsen house over the next few months.

~ by Rsmith on August 2, 2009.

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