Maine Workshop Day 2

I’m making two posts today to try to get caught up. I was hoping to update this day to day during the workshop but each day was full of class discussion, shooting, and editing. It was a very intense but rewarding week.

The second day of the workshop got beyond photographing my room and the next assignment was photographing the Rockport Library. I can’t say that I acquired any “extraordinary” images there, but I enjoyed the process. It was a very nice small town library with a touch of nostalgia.


The children’s section was especially nice.


After lunch, we piled into two cars and went off to Elmer’s Barn, a truly extraordinary place! Having prowled “antique” and downright junk stores in many places, this place was the ultimate. In about two hours, we were barely able to scratch the surface.


As I was wandering around this place, I definitely saw it in black and white.


The old car was gradually being swallowed up by the weeds.


Inside was unimaginable chaos, but one got the impression that the old gentleman who ran the place knew just about everything that was in there and where to find it – not to mention its value.


Little gems like this were everywhere, in among the piles of old tools, rusty hardware, old bottles, and who knows what.



~ by Rsmith on July 29, 2009.

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