21st Century Hieroglyphics


Yesterday I made my second visit to and old quarry in Quincy, Massachusetts. An area that at one time was filled with water has been filled in with earth, probably to prevent people from being injured or killed diving into the quarry water. The result is a grassy space surrounded by rock cliffs that have been liberally decorated with a wide variety of graffitti.


Looking at these granite walls, you are assaulted by a visual cacophony of abstract designs, haunting beings, social commentary, and even memorials to those who have passed on.

Having photographed the graffitti last year in detail, and with my follow-up images, I am planning an exhibit at the Contemporary School for the Arts and Gallery in Hagerstown, Maryland, opening September 5. Revisiting the site gave me a chance to reshoot a couple of things from a year ago and capture some new views.

Here are a few more from the raw files from yesterday:





I’ll have more details about the exhibit in a future post.

~ by Rsmith on July 18, 2009.

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