Paper Testing With the 3800

I’m back to where I was a few months ago testing different papers to see which will give me the best results with the new printer.

The results with the Advanced Black and White driver are really stunning with Museo Silver Rag and Epson Velvet Fine Art papers.

Hanemuhle Photo Rag works much better with the 3800 than with the 1800. I never bothered to get a custom profile for the 1800 and Photo Rag and it yielded an excessively warm-tone print. With the 3800 ABW driver Photo. Rag comes out neutral with very good blacks.

However, I keep coming back to Museo Silver Rag for the black and white exhibit prints. It is even better with the 3800 ABW driver than it was on the 1800 with a custom profile, and that is saying something.

I think I will have to bite the bullet and spend the money on this paper.

The jury is still out for color. Photo Rag has yielded some nice prints but I also like Epson Velvet Fine Art and Museo Portfolio Rag. I’m still testing.

~ by Rsmith on December 20, 2007.

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